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How to fix the Shift Key on a Gateway Laptop keyboard

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How to fix the Shift Key on a Gateway Laptop keyboard Empty How to fix the Shift Key on a Gateway Laptop keyboard

Post  ahstuzl999 Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:42 pm

How to fix the Shift Key on a Gateway Laptop keyboard

If the "Shift" key on your Gateway laptop keyboard does not respond, is sticky or difficult to press, you will need to remove the key and clean any dirt or debris attached to it. Pet hair, crumbs, and other particles can often get trapped beneath the key, preventing it from functioning correctly. Because the "Shift" key on your keyboard is--along with all of the other keys--a very delicate part, it is important that you remove and replace it with care.

Slide your fingernails underneath your Gateway laptop's "Shift" key and gently pry the key from its slot.
Press your fingernail or a pair of tweezers against the left or right side of the white clip to release it from its retainers. The white clip, located underneath the "Shift" key, is composed of two plastic pieces that allow the key to move up and down. Set the clip aside.
Spray the key slot with compressed air to clean up any debris. Use a slightly damp, anti-static cloth or a Q-tip to clean up any food or liquid encrusted on the key slot. Wipe off the back of the "Shift" key itself as well.
Hold the top and bottom ends of the white clip between your thumb and forefinger; gently squeeze the clip. The side of the clip that protrudes outward should be the side facing up.
Insert the tabs on the side of the clips into the four retainers located in the key slot. If you have larger fingers, you may need to use a small screwdriver or a pair of tweezers to fit the clip into place.
Place the "Shift" key on top of the clip, making sure that the key is facing the correct way. Press down on the key until you hear a "snap" noise. Do not press down too hard, as you could damage the laptop.

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