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Clean You Laptop Keyboard

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Clean You Laptop Keyboard Empty Clean You Laptop Keyboard

Post  ahstuzl999 Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:18 pm

Clean You Laptop Keyboard

Do you know how much bacteria hidden in the keyboard? Many people take it for granted that the desktop keyboard is easy to hide the dusty stuff. Thus it’s the same to the laptop keyboard. For this gateway 8011381R Keyboard, some keys lost control and had response after tapping. So today tell you how to disinfected your keyboard.

1 Tilt the keyboard to have the dust falling out. Place a paper on the table, and turn the keyboard tilted, about 60, tapping and shaking slightly. You may find there are many “stock” fell out. Besides dust, there are biscuit crumbs, tissue piece, rubber bits, hair and etc.
2 Blow the dirt. Use a hair dryer to blow the debris attached to them on the buttons in the keyboard slot. Remember not to use the hot wind. That might damage the inside cables under the keyboard.
3 scrub the surface. With a soft cloth with diluted detergent (note: soft cloth should not be too wet), clean the surface of each key. Before scrubbing, you can use a brush to remove the left dust. The 8011381R Laptop Keyboard that the key out of control caused by the dust block the connection.
4 Disinfection. As the procedures we mentioned above just clean the surface dust, the bacteria still stick to the keyboard. So the disinfection is an essential part to remove the bacteria. Take some alcohol, hydrogen peroxide to scrub each key. Then have a dry cloth to dry the keyboard.
5 Thorough cleaning. If you are professional , you can remove each key to have a clean. That is a demanding work. That can have the keyboard a completely cleaning. At the same time, there is certain risk for you may forget where each key locates in the keyboard.

Totally it will take half an hour to have the keyboard clean and disinfected. As we have a very close relation to the laptop keyboard so that we should have it have shower. To the laptop users, we should wash our hands before we use the keyboard and afterwards. In addition, the dust can have your keyboard as the same as the 8011381R Laptop Keyboard referred above. for your healthy and the life of your keyboard, have your keyboard disinfected!


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