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How to Replace Gateway laptop keyboard?

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How to Replace Gateway laptop keyboard? Empty How to Replace Gateway laptop keyboard?

Post  ahstuzl999 Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:08 pm

How to Replace Gateway laptop keyboard?

To replace the Gateway laptop keyboard:
1) Follow all the usual anti-static precautions.
2) Remove the battery.
3) Remove the DVD drive.
4) To remove the Gateway laptop keyboard bezel, the following 7 screws must be removed from underneath:

- the 3 screws in the battery compartment (exposed by removing the battery),
- the 2 outer-most back corner screws,
- the 2 small screws on the edge exposed by removing the DVD drive.

5) Turn the laptop right-side up and open the display.
6) Gently lift up on the Gateway laptop keyboard bezel with a small flat screwdriver above the F7 - F8 keys.
7) With your fingers, gently lift up on the bezel as you proceed out to the corners and then down the sides.
Cool When it is loose, flip it over covering the touchpad, but be careful not to dislodge the small LCD ribbon cable that it is connected to.
9) Unscrew the 3 keyboard screws at the top of the keyboard.
10) Carefully lift up the Gateway laptop keyboard from the back and unhook it from the front panel that covers the touchpad.

Be careful with this next step:
11) The keyboard ribbon cable is connected to a small white connector on the left about 1.5" long. Gently lift up on the small black plastic piece that goes across the ribbon at the conector. It should hinge up. (It came out when I did it, and it took quite a while to figure out how it goes back on.)
12) When the black plastic strip is raised, gently pull out the ribbon cable.
13) Replace the keyboard.
14) Insert the ribbon cable from the new keyboard and gently push it tight to the back of the connector.
15) Push down on the black plastic strip that holds this in place.
16) Replace the 3 keyboard screws, the bezel, and all 7 bezel screws in the reverse order from above.


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