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How to clean my laptop keyboard?

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How to clean my laptop keyboard? Empty How to clean my laptop keyboard?

Post  ahstuzl999 Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:19 pm

How to clean my laptop keyboard?

I have a two year old laptop. Being that it is white, it gets dirty very easily. Recently I have been bothered by how nasty the little areas beneath the keys on the laptop keyboard probably are. How can I clean my laptop keyboard at home without taking the keys off? Do any of those keyboard vacuums work, and if so, which ones? I know about the compressed air you can buy and whatnot, but wouldn't that just push the dirt around beneath the keys, not get rid of it?

You could try a laptop keyboard vacuum, those a pretty good but I think the compressed air would be best because it does actually a pretty good job of getting the dirt out of the keyboard.


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