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Why Clean the Compaq Laptop Keyboard

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Why Clean the Compaq Laptop Keyboard Empty Why Clean the Compaq Laptop Keyboard

Post  ahstuzl999 Thu Mar 31, 2011 3:25 pm

Why Clean the Compaq Laptop Keyboard

Summary: Prolonged use of the Compaq laptop keyboard, covered with dust, if we don't cleaning it from time to time, will damage our health.

As we know, there is a lot dust flying in the air everywhere. We may find that our Compaq laptop keyboard get dirty very soon. If we don t clean it one or two days, we can find much dust on it. Usually we will buy a keyboard protection to keep the laptop keyboard from dust. But no matter how better we protect our laptop keyboard. It gets dirty very soon. We need to clean it once a while to keep it look good.

How to clean the Compaq laptop keyboard?

Here we give you some advice:

First, clean it with a small brush. You can use a small brush to clean all the small apertures on the laptop keyboard to get the some food or other small things out of the keyboard.

Second, clean it with a blower or a vacuum cleaner. Every day, there is a lot of dust blown into the apertures on our laptop. We can only get them out thoroughly with a blower or a vacuum cleaner.

Third, clean it with alcohol with no water. If you haven t clean the laptop keyboard for a long time, you may get disgusted by the oily keyboard. Because you may forget to clean your hands after you eat or cook a meal, you just use your laptop as usual. This may make the laptop keyboard oily. So after the keyboard get oily, we can use cotton to dip a little alcohol which doesn t include any water. Then use the cotton to clean the oil or such things on the laptop keyboard.

Fourth, clean it after you remove it out of the laptop. If with all the above ways you still can t clean your laptop keyboard thoroughly, you can only remove it out of the laptop and then use alcohol without any water to clean the entire laptop.

With all the above ways, you can clean your Compaq laptop keyboard clearly.


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