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Octa-Switch II & 5150 Combo - FX Chain Advise Needed

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Octa-Switch II & 5150 Combo - FX Chain Advise Needed Empty Octa-Switch II & 5150 Combo - FX Chain Advise Needed

Post  SoonerScribe Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:54 pm

I'm looking for input/advice/suggestions on helping me put together my new pedal-board....

Misc Gear:
(2) Gibson Les Paul Standards
Peavey 5150 Combo w/jj tubes and Celestion 75w speakers

Pedal-board Gear:
SKB Stage Five Pedal-board
Carl Martin Octa-Switch II
George Lynch - Dragon Wah
MXR - Carbon Copy
MXR - Black Label Chorus
MXR - Bulls-eye Phaser
Ibanez - TS9 Tube Screamer (Keeley Baked MOD)
ISP - Decimator (Noise Suppressor)
BBE - Sonic Stomp
Boss - TU-3 Tuner
Boss - AC-3 Acoustic Simulator
Line 6 - G30 Wireless

Okay, in the past I had all rack mounted gear that was controlled via midi. So, these analog pedals are sort of a newish beast for me.

My main questions revolve around routing/signal chain...

Obviously, common procedure is to route the time based effects through the effects loop. (5150 serial loop).

I'm curious which effects I should route through the amp input? wah, tube screamer, bbe, noise suppressor, tuner, acoustic simulator, wireless? All of these? If not, which ones would you advise routing through the effects loop?

Also, any advise regarding the order of the effects within the two separate chains (Loop, Amp Input) will be greatly appreciated.

And... any info regarding the use of any of these individual units will be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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