Questions regarding The Fuzz?

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Questions regarding The Fuzz?

Post  rsm on Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:27 pm

Where may I download a copy of the manual for The Fuzz? The link on the product page is not working. Thanks.

Digging The Fuzz, just picked it up used, no manual. Anyone have any recommended settings I can try? Thanks.



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Re: Questions regarding The Fuzz?

Post  The Orange Beach on Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:44 pm

Hi,i'm addicted to "The Fuzz" since 2004(i've got 2 of them,1 sa for back up).
I don't think you need of a manual,because it only suggests some setting,nothing more.
I can suggest you to try this way: for more vintage type of fuzz increase the volume and don't use to much gain;set treble,middle and bass at 12 o'clock and just adjust the deep and high knob(the more you set deep on the left side the more your going into a muffy zone).You can focus your sound starting from here.I know it's obvious,but the Fuzz is capable of everything,but it's not very simple to get your favourite shape of sound.
If you want "play" with a modern kind of distortion you have to increase the gain and bass,just use the middle to scoope as much as you want the sound.Also use the high and deep knobs starting from 1 o clock: it can give you more opened sound and can compensate the "meat" lost when you "scoop" the midrange frequencyes.At least that's how it works with my set up.
I suggest anyway to try to get your own sound out of it (you can get beautiful mix from fuzz type of distortion and a kind of tube high gain distortion); the best results for me are when i use it with a vintage type echo (analog or digital,doesn't matter) for soloing: it can give you more organic texture.Also,if you set the fuzz for more rythm sound,with less gain than a lead sound and you wanna increase the amount of gain for soloing,try with a treble booster: it gives you more gain and highest sound.I hope it can help you.
In case you want to listeen some of those setting played with my band go to : : every kind of distortion is generated fro the CM The Fuzz.
Greetings from Italy Cool

The Orange Beach

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