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My pedalboard

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My pedalboard Empty My pedalboard

Post  galjer Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:24 pm

Hi, this is my toy !!!

Vox Wah + Carl Martin Quattro + (Carl Martin Chorus XII + Carl Martin Two Faze + Volume Ernie Ball in loop of the Quattro)
4 cables method.
And the Mesa Roadster Controller (4 channels / Rev / Tuner / Fx Loop / Solo )

I want to sell my Quattro and buy Hot drive'n Boost, Tremo'vibe, DelayLa. May be param EQ and Compressor.
I have many effect to exchange if you have one of this (TS-808 original, TS-9 original, Boss DC-2, Boss CE-2, and many others)

My pedalboard Photop11

Best regards.


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