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My pedalboard

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My pedalboard Empty My pedalboard

Post  JB Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:32 am

Top row, from left:-
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb
CM Noise Terminator
CM Big John
Fishman AFX Reverb (for acoustic)
Korg DT 10 tuner

Middle row
CM Hydra Boost
Amp pedal (from my amp builder - selects inbuilt valve-powered reverb, also has a master volume cut)

(in this space is now a custom built A/B box with passive volume control from Red Onion Solutions)

Bottom Row
CM Quattro II (chorus)
CM 2-wah
Lehle 3@1 channel selector

on the right is a temporary Boss A/B box, replaced by the Red Onion Solutions box above)

The board itself is from Diago, and everything is secured by velcro. The board has now been rewired with George L cables, and the excess cables secured by clips t the board.

I'm intending to replace the quattro with CM seperates as soon as I have the funds, hopefully adding a Combinator2, and replacing the reverb and 2 channel selectors with CM products if and when they become available.

JohnMy pedalboard Pedal_11


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