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Black Us Hp Pavilion Zv5000 keyboard

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Black Us Hp Pavilion Zv5000 keyboard Empty Black Us Hp Pavilion Zv5000 keyboard

Post  Cathyjnd Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:27 pm

We specialized on Hp laptop keyboards for most Hp Pavilion Zv5000 laptop series. Each Hp Pavilion Zv5000 keyboards will be tested before shipping so that all our keyboards you get will be working all right.
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Simple steps on how to remove HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard
The first and foremost thing is to take off the laptop battery and disconnect the hp ac adapter from the wall plug. Then ca n you begin to remove you keyboard. Here are some simple tips for you to follow:
Locate the memory module cover. Unscrew the screw securing the cover to the laptop. Remove the cover and set it aside. Locate and remove the screw securing the keyboard assembly frame to the laptop.
Step 1
Take the laptop over and locate and remove the screw securing the keyboard assembly frame to the laptop. Then examine the underside of the rear edge of your laptop. Locate and remove the single screws at the left and right ends and the three screws inside the empty battery bay.

Step 2
Return your laptop to an upright position and open the display. Locate the switch cover near the top edge of the laptop base. Insert the tip of your flat-bladed screwdriver underneath the switch cover, using the indentations near the display hinges. Pry the switch cover off of the laptop and set it aside.

Step 3
Lift the rear edge of the keyboard assembly. Examine the space underneath and disconnect the cable connecting the LED board to the system board. Flip the keyboard assembly over, such that it comes to rest on the front half of the laptop. Disconnect the attached cable.

Step 4
Remove the keyboard assembly and turn it over. Locate and remove the screws securing the keyboard to the keyboard assembly.

Step 5
Pull up on the keyboard carefully and slowly. Do not pull all the way; otherwise, you may damage the cable underneath. There is a keyboard cable holding the keyboard in place. De-attach it from the unit by locating the connector beneath the keyboard. Flip the connector lock into the up position and disconnect the cable. Remove the keyboard.

Step 6
Take the new hp laptop keyboard and attach the keyboard cable to the connector, and push the connector down. Slide the new keyboard in. Replace the keyboard shield.

Step 7
Flip the HP laptop back over. Replace the set of five black plastic screws, and then the three silver screws. Replace the RAM cover.


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