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When The Acer Laptop keyboard Keys Broken

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When The Acer Laptop keyboard Keys Broken Empty When The Acer Laptop keyboard Keys Broken

Post  ahstuzl999 Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:11 am

As laptops become smaller, lighter, and cheaper and as the screens became larger and of better quality, laptop has been widely used for any purpose. Laptops literally make the world go round. Many people can not imagine a day without their lovely laptop. But if a laptop key can not work, normally you’re often forced to make a difficult decision, send it back to the manufacturer and waiting for a couple of weeks, or fix it yourself. Take my Acer Aspire 6930 keyboard for instance, I usually keep typing some material with it; Finally, some keys can not work any more one day, but I fix it by myself at last. Cosquently, I would like to show you the way i do to fix the broken laptop key.

Firstly, you should glue the laptop keys back on your Acer Laptop keyboard. This method is only for nimble fingers. Once the key has broken, inspect it. Many keys have plastic latches on them, or attach by “snapping” onto something. If this is the case, and the latch for the key simply broke into a couple of pieces, you can try Crazy Glue. Glue the pieces together and let them set for a few minutes. Then try snapping the key back into place on your keyboard.

Secondly, you should purchase the spare parts from some online store. If the only thing missing is the actual laptop key, try to purchase one from ebay, like laptopzparts dot com. This is like traveling to your local junkyard.

And you can send your laptop back to the manufacturer. When your computer is under warranty, you should definitely take advantage of the guarantee time. If your laptop is out of warranty time, this kind of repairing may be quite expensive, since many manufacturers have tiered repair prices. Normally, Usually the first tier is several hundred dollars. Also, manufacturers are notoriously slow with getting your laptop back to you. It can take a month or more.

The other way is to rent a laptop repair specialist. These guys on the set point on your computer. They will be cheaper and quicker than the manufacturer, but by virtue of them working on the machines, they may void all or portions of your warranty. Check out the infomation about the websites laptoprepair or laptoprescue for more information on how to repair broken Acer Laptop keyboard keys by surfing the internet.


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