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How to Install Inspiron 9400

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How to Install Inspiron 9400 Empty How to Install Inspiron 9400

Post  ahstuzl999 Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:06 pm

A laptop computer, the Dell Inspiron 9400 is part of the Inspiron line of best-selling laptops on the Dell website. If you just purchased a Dell Inspiron 9400, set it up once you get it home. Setting up the Inspiron 9400 laptop requires installing the battery and connecting an external mouse, as it comes with the Windows operating system already installed. Installing the Dell Inspiron 9400 takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Turn over the Inspiron 9400 and locate the battery chamber. It will be clearly labeled
Remove the screw from the battery chamber cover, then remove the cover.
Insert the battery that comes with the Inspiron into the battery chamber.
Replace the battery chamber lid then turn the 9400 back over.
Connect the power cord to your 9400. The side with the three metal prongs plugs into your wall socket. The other end connects to your laptop.
Connect the universal serial bus (USB) mouse to an empty USB port.
Power up the laptop and set preferred display, file folder and other system options as per standard procedures.
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