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Hp laptop keyboard problem

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Hp laptop keyboard problem Empty Hp laptop keyboard problem

Post  ahstuzl999 Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:46 pm

Hp laptop keyboard problem

Hp laptop keyboard problem it does not type some of the letters the letters are q,w,e,r,i,o,z,x,c,b,n ?
i have a hp pavilion tx1000 laptop and there is something wrong with my keyboard does not type some of the letters and those letters are q,w,e,r,i,o,z,x,c,b,n and the rest of the keys work can someone please help me with this
You may have some dust/build up underneath the keys that prevents them from working. Perhaps try clicking off the individual keys, (and make sure you remember where they go, hahaha) and take a moist wipe and give it a good cleaning. If not, it may just be time for a new keyboard.
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