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Teach you Remove Sony Laptop Keyboards

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Teach you Remove Sony Laptop Keyboards Empty Teach you Remove Sony Laptop Keyboards

Post  ahstuzl999 Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:35 pm

Sony manufactures some of the most popular laptops. Sony laptop users are commonly fans of the brand itself, and have forked over extra bucks to invest in what they believe will be a quality laptop. So for many users, getting rid of a Sony laptop just because of a small problem such as a worn down keyboard is out of the question. Replacing a Sony laptop keyboard is a very simple thing to do.

Turn off your laptop and unplug it from any power source. Remove the battery cover and remove the battery from underneath the laptop.

Close the laptop screen and turn the laptop over so that the bottom side is facing upwards.

Remove the two screws, one at the very top left and the other at the very top right, on the back side with a Philips screwdriver. On some Sony laptops, there is only one screw to remove and it may be toward the middle of the underside.

Turn the laptop back over, and open the screen. Look between the crevice just above the actual keyboard for two small, black spring loaders above the F4 and F12 keys. On some Sony laptops, there may be four spring loaders above the keyboard. Those might be above the F4, F6, F10, and PrtSc keys.

Use the flathead screwdriver to press each spring loader down. This will release your Sony laptop keyboard.

Pry your Sony laptop keyboard out with the flathead screwdriver. (If your keyboard feels stuck, you probably have not unlatched it with the spring loaders properly. Try step 5 again.) Remove the keyboard carefully since it is still connected to the motherboard by the ribbon cable.

Unhook the ribbon cable from the motherboard by flipping the latch upwards with your finger.


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