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When Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Very dirty

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When Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Very dirty Empty When Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Very dirty

Post  ahstuzl999 Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:34 pm

When Toshiba Laptop Keyboard Very dirty

Summary: As the use of long for Toshiba Laptop Keyboard, the keyboard becomes dirty, clean Toshiba Laptop Keyboard is a must.

Toshiba is a popular manufacturer of laptop computers. Just like any other electronic item, it is important to clean laptop computers regularly. Toshiba Laptop keyboards tend to attract a lot of dirt, dust and other debris. Cleaning laptop keyboards can be done quickly and will leave the keyboard dust and dirt free.

Place the tip of the compressed-air can about 2 to 3 inches from the keys on the keyboard. Tilt the can, pull the trigger and move it across the keyboard. Work in a horizontal fashion, directing the air in between the keys. Continue this process until you have cleaned in between all of the keys.

Turn your laptop upside down, holding it over a sink or trash can. Lightly tap on the bottom of the laptop to dislodge any remaining debris that may have been loosened while using the compressed air.

Dampen a 100% cotton rag with water. Make sure that the rag is only slightly dampened; too much water will cause damage to the Toshiba laptop.

Wipe down the entire keyboard with the damp rag. Make sure to wipe the top of the keys and all along the perimeter of the keyboard.

Go over the entire keyboard with a dry, 100% cotton rag. Allow the laptop to air dry the rest of the way.

Tips & Warnings

Do not shut the lid on the laptop until the keyboard has air-dried for a couple of hours.
Power off and unplug the laptop prior to cleaning.


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