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Post  ahstuzl999 Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:31 am

The Shokz Mastery Guide is nearly as old as Starcraft 2 itself.
Shokz, whose real name is John Greenhoe, has been playing Starcraft 2 for a lot longer than mostiPad 2 Accessories for Sale of us, having been a beta tester. Having all this experience makes him the perfect person to write an in-depth and convincing guide like this. Ranked No.2 in BlizzaiPad 2 Keyboardsrd's top 200 players, Shokz is definitely an expert and I wish I'd got this guide sooner.
The guide itself is split into multiple sections and the first one a newbiiPad 2 Skinse will want to look at is the Quick Start guide.
There is also a section FULL of downloadable content. Don't let yourself get distracted by all the incredibly helpfiPad 2 Dockul stuff in here or you'll have no time for Starcraft 2 itself.
Shokz Mastery Guide offers you:
* Basic Strategies for each race
* Advanced Strategies foriPad 2 Charger each race.
* A campaign guide
* An achievement guide
* A guide to beat the campaign in BRUTAL mode.
* A hotkey guide.
* Build orders
*iPad 2 Cases Folio A Scouting Guide
* How to Micro and How to Macro
All without any cheats or hacks!
The real beauty of Shokz Mastery Guide is that it feels as though he knows iPad 2 Pouchexactly what he's talking about. I don't always get that feeling when I read a strategy guide. Shokz sounds like a guy who doesn't get much sleep because he's playiniPad 2 Silicone Caseg Starcraft 2 and whose girlfriend probably wants to kill him because she doesn't get enough attention.
There are DOZENS of videos to watch. Exciting matches betweeiPad 2 Cases Siliconen top players and this is worth all the build orders in the world put together. One of the foremost Starcraft 2 experts showing you precisely how he does it.
* TPU iPad 2 CasesHow to recognize which strategies your enemy is using
* How to counter those strategies
* The best way to use units, and which units to use, at which times


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