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How to Repair the Dell Inspiron 1520 keyboard Keys

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How to Repair the Dell Inspiron 1520 keyboard Keys Empty How to Repair the Dell Inspiron 1520 keyboard Keys

Post  ahstuzl999 Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:03 pm

Replacing an individual laptop key is a simple task that anyone can do in less than five minutes. Dell Inspiron 1520 users will encounter a two clip retainer system that holds the key cap in place and allows the key to function properly. The key cap is the piece that has the painted letter or other symbol, and the retainer clips are the white pieces that snap to the hooks located on the keyboard. It is a good idea to try installing a new key before buying an entire keyboard or a new laptop.

Repairing the Broken or Missing Dell Inspiron 1520 keyboard Key

Organize the three pieces of the key assembly in front of you. There are two white retainer clips and one key cap for each symbol on the Dell Inspiron 1520 keyboard. The bottom clip is the larger, U-shaped clip and has protrusions on each of its four corners. The top clip is the smaller, O-shaped clip and will fit inside of the U-shaped bottom clip. The O-shaped clip is slightly concave and has two small protrusions on either side of the center void.

Verify the proper orientation of the U-shaped clip by examining the metal hooks located in the desired installation area. The two longer protrusions should coincide with two of the hooks located where the key is to be placed. Install the clip by inserting each protrusion in the corresponding keyboard hook. Be sure to install the clip with the two small divots--located on inside of the center void--facing up.

Identify the proper orientation of the O-shaped clip by orientating the small hinge pieces located at the top of the clip in the opposite direction of the two metal hooks holding the U-shaped clip in place. This clip is installed with the concave part facing down. While lifting up the side of the U-shaped clip not being held in place by the keyboard hooks, insert the hinged side of the O-shaped clip into the U-shaped clip and snap it into place using the corresponding keyboard hook.

Push each of the two small protrusions at the center of the O-shaped clip into the divots in the center of the U-shaped clip using a small flathead screwdriver or the point of a utility knife.

Place key cap right side up onto the exposed center post and push down evenly on all four sides until the key snaps into place.

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