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Vitiligo symptoms you know it?

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Vitiligo symptoms you know it?  Empty Vitiligo symptoms you know it?

Post  Lorelei01 Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:58 am

symptoms of vitiligo only appear in the skin

the size and shape vary, state clearly the spot, no symptoms.Early symptoms of vitiligo

white pigment faded for light spots, ill-defined; in advanced white irregular expansion,

increased integration of state is not clear; vitiligo to

stop the development of stable lesions, the formation of a clear white realm classes, white

edge of pigmentation, compared with normal skin deep.
Hung Chi-Ping Hospital, Chongqing, experts told vitiligo: vitiligo patients, mainly in

the human face, neck, legs, 白癜风的治疗方法 waist

and abdomen and the back part of the rich such as sweat glands. Developed rapidly in spring

and summer. General area superficial disease. However, the individual parts are itching

feeling sick patients, which indicates that the lesion has spread, a trend. In addition, the

need for attention is the existence of vitiligo disease incubation period, the symptoms of

vitiligo is not a temporary development, does not mean that in future no longer develop.

Vitiligo remedies Once the patient cold, bad mood,

subject to external environmental stimuli and other factors lead to organs dysfunction,

decreased body immunity, the disease has likely will continue to develop.


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