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Do not let the campaign "harm" you - - parkour clan

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Do not let the campaign "harm" you - - parkour clan  Empty Do not let the campaign "harm" you - - parkour clan

Post  Lorelei01 Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:35 am

Chongqing Dibang Vitiligo Hospital Professor Dai Qinhui that so-called skin injury is

caused due to various reasons the skin damage, the cause

of vitiligo
including the fall injury, burns, burns, surgery. Not all people will

appear after trauma hypopigmented skin spots and induced vitiligo disease, vitiligo and

hypopigmented spots occurred at a time was quite different. However, because each individual

is different, and some wound-healing skin lesions can occur after a few years

Vitiligo symptoms. Vitiligo patients or susceptible

to avoid the occurrence of skin injuries, particularly in patients with advanced stage of

vitiligo should avoid participating Parkour, to prevent exacerbations.
vitiligo expert reminded Parkour enthusiasts,

appropriate to reduce the difficulty to run cool, not only for greater security protection,

but also avoids the risk of the skin trauma caused by vitiligo. Parkour doubt if his family

had been suffering from vitiligo, do not worry too much. U.S. VIT melanocytes no trace

regeneration patients with vitiligo have been recovered so numerous, and lived a happy life.


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