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Should avoid bright light

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Should avoid bright light  Empty Should avoid bright light

Post  Lorelei01 Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:26 pm

Why does the skin to enhance UV? Because the metabolism of melanin, the UV can

stimulate synthesis of an enzyme necessary for melanin - the activity of tyrosinase,

therefore, often the sun can promote the synthesis of melanin, has accelerated the

formation of melanin, transfer from melanocytes to the epidermal layers in order to enable

color deepened, which will help vitiligo treatmen.
The color of human skin under constant changes in the external environment and seasonal

factors, mainly sunlight, Guer When summer comes, color will gradually deepen.
Dibang Vitiligo Hospital reminder: there is
symptoms of vitiligo of light exposure should be

avoided, autumn, winter and spring, when the sun shines into the ground to select around

noon, according to a longer drying time may be; summer, direct sunlight and the

白癜风 ground, exposure to morning, evening is

appropriate, if the selection can be separated from the glass irradiated at noon, exposure

time can be shorter, the number could be more.


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