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Took three strokes to prevent Vitiligo

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Took three strokes to prevent Vitiligo  Empty Took three strokes to prevent Vitiligo

Post  Lorelei01 Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:23 pm

the cause of vitiligo complex and difficult to

treat seriously affect the quality of life of patients on the prevention of vitiligo, early

treatment should be sick, not sick first defense is very important in reducing morbidity.
trick 1: to avoid the environment, food contamination
1. To reduce inhalation of harmful substances from the respiratory tract: the road or

smoke is not a big place to do vigorous exercise, such 白癜风

as running and other activities.
2. To reduce intake of harmful foods: vegetables, fruits before eating wash repeatedly

with clean water, children's consumption of fruit should be washed, peeled, do not eat

excessive heavy metal salt foods, such as processing of popcorn containers with lead type.
3. Reduce the UV radiation: a long outdoor activities should avoid direct sunlight, can

cover up or wear sunscreen.
Trick 2: to maintain optimism
Mood change and human health is closely related to abnormal emotional response to the

internal factors are diseases, maintain health, reduce disease (vitiligo) in place.
Trick 3: reasonable diet and nutritional balance
Pay attention to nutrition, food science to develop recipes and develop good eating

habits, on Vitiligo prevention and vitiligo treatment



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