Carl Martin PlexiTone or What???

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Carl Martin PlexiTone or What???

Post  SEA on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:52 pm

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the Carl Martin PlexiTone but before I do... I wanted to find out what is out there that might even be better (I know it's all subjective but I'd like to know what's the happ'n thing now.) Perhaps there's another Carl Martin pedal that would give me the PlexiTone as well as some other stuff.

So all you cats out there who use these pedals... please let me know what your take is on it all.

I'm new to this stuff. I've been using modeling since I started guitar (like 5 years ago) and now I own the Roland VG-99. However, now I want a small rube amp for my studio and some really good pedals spo I have both.

I just ordered a Laney Lionheart 5watt combo, an Eventide TimeFactor and ModFactor, and now I'm looking into the Keeley 4 knob as well as a Carl Martin PlexiTone. (I got my eye on a Damage Control Glass Nexus later as well.) LOL!

I also ordered the THD Hot Plate so I can crank the Lionheart and then run the Hot Plate into my daw. All I need now is some GOOD cab and mic impulses (does anyone know where to grab some good cab and mic impulses?)

I'd LOVE to get the VB-101 by Two Notes (or their new VM-202) but $$$.

Thanks for your help,


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