Octa Switch On/Off question

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Octa Switch On/Off question

Post  lautrec on Mon May 18, 2009 1:29 am

I am using a 4 channel amp, which I freqeuntly use 3 of the channels. I have an OctaSwitch (great product, btw), and I use it mainly with my clean channels but I don't really want to use effects with my dirty channel. I have all 8 inputs assigned on the OS, so when I switch from clean channel 2 to dirty channel 4, I have to have something on unless I physically turn of the OS with the front mounted on/off rocker switch. Is this the only option for turning the OS off? It's not particularly easy to do this in the middle of a show, combined with sporadic lighting situations.

Do you think it's possible or advisable for me to remove the rocker on/off switch and replace it with a push button on/off, and then just basically kick it for on/off operation?

Again, I love the OS, very nice to have true bypass on my effects and it's nice to hear the pure balls of my Mesa Boogie for a change on channel 4 (the red one). I would just like a solution for on/off on my OS, which is also a great piece of equipment. thanks


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Re: Octa Switch On/Off question

Post  Admin Carl on Tue May 19, 2009 12:35 am

Hi as mentioned at the top of the forum..
Send us a mail at this addy.
There you can get a more specific answer.
Regards Niels

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