Custom Apple ipad 3 Skins from videogame-skins

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Custom Apple ipad 3 Skins from videogame-skins

Post  ipad3keyboard on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:19 pm

What videogame-skins provide is two stickers to go on your ipad 3 screen protector: One for around the front bezel, another for the back surface. Then you can download a free wallpaper for the device as well, and install them all as one ipad 3 stylus. The result is a sticker that appears to roll into your wallpaper, then back around to the other side of the device.
There are tons of great ipad 3 cover. UK fans might want a Union Jack for their ipad 3 case with keyboard, or maybe you'd rather have an abstract or flower design. Either way there are lots of cool ipad 3 case, making the decision even harder to make.


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