How to Get Into the Advanced BIOS on a Presario C700

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How to Get Into the Advanced BIOS on a Presario C700

Post  ahstuzl999 on Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:46 am

Getting into the advanced BIOS setup program on a Presario C700 is something that must be done before your computer has a chance to load the Windows operating system. Once Windows is loaded, you cannot enter the advanced BIOS without restarting your computer. This is because instead of controlling the software on your computer like Windows does, the BIOS controls all of the hardware that is installed on your Presario C700.
Turn on your Presario C700. If it is already on, restart it.
Watch for the "Compaq" logo to appear on your monitor.
Press the "F10" keyboard key to access the advanced BIOS on your Presario C700.
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