Replace the SONY KFRSBA019A Keyboard is easy

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Replace the SONY KFRSBA019A Keyboard is easy

Post  ahstuzl999 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:18 pm

Replace the SONY KFRSBA019A Keyboard is easy

Sony manufactures Vaio laptop computers, known for their slick LCD screens and sound quality. Like any other laptop, damaged components may need to be replaced. If you have a damaged SONY KFRSBA019A Keyboard, you can remove and replace it on your own.
Things You'll Need: Phillips-head screwdriver

Power off your laptop and disconnect the battery pack from the bottom of the computer. Locate the rectangular frame just above the keyboard.
Insert the tip of your screwdriver in the seam at the edge of the frame and gently pry up to remove it. Set the frame aside.
Remove all screws above the SONY KFRSBA019A Keyboard. Set the screws aside.
Lift the keyboard up from the top to reveal a ribbon cable that runs from the back of the keyboard to the top of the computer.
Unplug the keyboard ribbon cable from its port on the top of the computer. Set the old keyboard aside.
Plug the ribbon on the new SONY KFRSBA019A Keyboard into the port and place the keyboard over the top of the computer.
Replace the screws and frame.


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