Neofonie WePad Vs Apple iPad

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Neofonie WePad Vs Apple iPad

Post  ahstuzl999 on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:32 am

Another cool tablet has emerged out - the Neofonie WePad, which looks like a potential iPad killer! WePad boasts of being faiPad 2 Accessoriesr powerful than the Apple iPad; but we still need to wait and watch what Neofonie really comes out with; for now let us see what the WePad has got!
Wepad will iPad 2 Casebe a German production boasting of 11.6″ display, 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor (indeed faster than the iPad), and even a 1.3MP web cam!
And, that's not aFolio iPad 2 Casesll, the WePad features a bigger and better display, and looks superior to the Apple iPad in just about every way.
This exciting tablet PC is claimed to be one iPad 2 Coverof the best tablet PCs, and it also features ambient light & motion sensor, optional GPS, and an internal micro fan to kick some serious asses. The latest generiPad 2 Coversation tablet from the house of Neofonie will feature fast Internet connectivity, complete world of ready-to-use applications, WeMagazine ePublishing Eco-System Wholesale iPad 2 Sleevesfeaturing easy access to books and photos, magazines and newspapers from various publishers, and everything else that Apple iPad basically delivers.
And, then iPad 2 Stylusyou have the WePad AppStore, which clearly shows the kind of competition NeoFonie is aiming at. Furthermore, this new tablet will also feature a powerful batteriPad 2 Touch Screen Peny with 6-hours backup. A lot more is expected from this sizzling tablet PC; but you never know what it will actually deliver.
However, you'll be amazed to see iPad 2 Screen Protectorswhat currently Neo-Fonie's website is displaying at the moment!
So, fingers crossed - let's see what WePad has really got; is it just another tablet or indeed iPad 2 USB Power Adaptorsomething that will give serious competition to the iPad killer; a masterpiece that millions of folks have been waiting for. Let's see who really wins the show!


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