Vitiligo disease Why do you like a strong woman?

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Vitiligo disease Why do you like a strong woman?

Post  Lorelei01 on Sun Sep 05, 2010 11:37 am

Women born beauty, beauty at any cost in order, if you do not care got

vitiligo, really rather die than live, so to improve

their immunity is present beauty important goals.
To avoid the vitiligo, the first woman from the body as soon as possible to enhance

immunity, the state body to adjust to the best health food is a fundamental way. Experts

listed below for your health by:
1, moderate intake of wheat bran and crude fiber. Daily moderate intake of women, can

reduce the production of estradiol, female cancer prevention;
2, drink plenty of water, often drink tea. Some drink wine every day, all very well to

boost the immune system and antioxidant activity.
3, appropriate to eat no animal liver. Animal liver is rich in selenium, Victoria B6,

copper, magnesium, iron and folic acid, zinc, B12,. Help to enhance immune function. 1 to 2

times per week, each 50 grams;
4, eat mushrooms. Mushrooms contain anti-viral substances - "mushroom polysaccharide"

will help to enhance immunity;
5, added arginine. Yam, black sesame, ginkgo, tofu skin, frozen tofu, sunflower seeds,

hazelnut contains many arginine. 白癜风的病因
In addition, many studies have shown that immunity to distinguish between the body and

removal of "alien" physiological response. The human body to implement this function of the

immune system, such as the lack of immunity the body may occur over very symptoms occur, can

also cause symptoms of vitiligo production. Thus,

improve immunity is extremely important.


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Re: Vitiligo disease Why do you like a strong woman?

Post  10 on Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:30 pm

Wtf is this?!


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